Reducing you answering service costs using Schedulock

Whether you are a small brokerage or a large brokerage, you probably use an answering service for after hours calls or use it full time to handle all of your showings and confirmations. If you handle them on your own, we will be able to help you save a tremendous amount of time administering your listings showings. Read more here

It's time to automate your real esate showing process

You have a client and you have a listing. You start receiving showing requests for this listing and your client wants to know when a showing occurs. So what can you do as an agent? Real estate agents handle showing requests in one of three ways .... Read more here

Removing unnecessary phone calls from the real estate showing process

Real estate showings require a lot of time and phone calls to arrange. Showing agents call listing agents/offices, who then call the home seller. The listing agent/office then calls the showing agent's office to verify their identity and release the lockbox code. This process occurs for every showing. Now, imagine how hectic this can become with 10, 20, or 30+ showings at one property! This is very common in today's hot Toronto real estate market..... Read more here

Congrats to our Realtor Quest winner on her new Surface 3!

Sandra from Page & Percival Real Estate Services is the lucky winner of the Surface 3 giveaway from Realtor Quest this year!

Schedulock at Realtor Quest 2016

Thank you for everyone who stopped by at Realtor Quest! We were excited to launch our new booking product and all of the interest and feedback from everyone.

Schedulock attends #TREBFEST2016

We had a great time sharing our product and networking with everyone at #TREBFEST2016 this year! See you all at Realtor Quest!

Schedulock on Real Estate Professional Magazine

Schedulock is the newest mobile app aimed at agents, and it aims to help better manage showings...

Read full article on here...

Schedulock Launches New Mobile and Web App for Realtors

Arranging real estate showings has never been easier with Schedulock. The mobile application and website is a real estate showing management tool and platform for realtors. Schedulock allows realtors to schedule their real estate showings, manage lockbox codes, and track feedback all in one place. Schedulock offers transparency, security, and control for realtors and home sellers by authenticating every realtor and tracking lockbox activity. Using Schedulock reduces the amount of time spent performing administrative work to arrange showings.

Read more here ...

How do you manage your real estate showings?

We know real estate showings can be very time consuming to arrange. You either schedule these showings manually or the brokerage uses other booking/answering services to manage them for you.

Schedulock is a new type of real estate booking service that is not like any other. Our platform manages the entire showing process, from beginning to end, and tracks everything for you!

The process is simple:
1) A showing request arrives through Schedulock or MLS.
2) You (the listing agent) or the home seller approves/declines. (via Email or App)
Read more here...

RIC Centre award's $30,000 in youth Startup grants at the SharpTech funding competition

After an incredible pitch competition, RIC Centre is very pleased to announce the very first winners of the sharpTECH grants! After carefully reviewing all of the applications, the top 8 young and remarkable entrepreneurs with innovative startups were chosen to take part in the pitch competition.

Schedulock was selected as one of the 6 winners of the SharpTech pitch competition.

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Web4Realty selects Schedulock to join their Real Estate Incubator!

Schedulock, a startup that provides a booking service platform for real estate professionals, has been selected to join Web4Realty’s first in-house incubator. Eight startups from across Ontario, specializing in providing applications for real estate agents, applied to participate in the incubator.

“We are very eager to work with Alex and the Schedulock team. They’ve solved a massive problem that thousands of agents and brokers across North America could benefit from,” said Kosta Panagoulias, co-founder at Web4Realty.

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Schedulock attends Realtor Connect presented by the Durham Real Estate Board

We had a great time talking with Realtors and sharing Schedulock with them. We collected a vast amount of feedback and look forward to attending next year as well!
Realtor Connect Info

Alex pitches Schedulock at the Ignite pitch competition

A great experience connecting with fellow entrepreneurs and mentors at the Spark Centre

Meet the Schedulock Team!

Meet the Schedulock co-founders. Shane Lattanzio, Irfan Ajanovic & Alexander Poon.
Shane has been responsible for the mobile portion of Schedulock. He has developed both the iOS and Android mobile platforms for Schedulock.
Irfan has been responsible for the hardware lockbox that Schedulock is developing. He is also very involved on the business development and promotion of Schedulock.
Alex has been responsible for web development and leading the business development for Schedulock.

Wecoming our summer intern Yannick!

Our Intern Yannick is working hard making test cases and doing UI testing on all of our platforms. We never knew testing could be so fun! XD
Yannick is a recent high school graduate and is very excited to be starting his Computer Science/Business program at Laurier in September!

First 3D Prototype of our Lockbox

We had recently designed and modelled our first lockbox prototype.
Still have a lot of work to do on this model such as to reducing the size, add the housing & mounts for our circuit boards and components on the insides
Looking forward to the next few months!

Schedulock named as Canon's Small Business Get Started Winner

The owners of Schedulock plan to use the $5,000 Get Started start-up capital to help make significant progress toward completing their working prototype and launching their new software.
Co-founder Poon is very exited about winning, "I think the Canon Get Started program is a great way for entrepreneurs to get the assistance they need to grow their businesses. At the same time, the site provides very useful articles on the fundamentals of starting a business and touched on many hurdles that a small business may face."

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Schedulock enrolled in Ontario's Starter Company Program

Schedulock has been accepted into the Ontario Starter Company Program under the Markham Small Business Center!